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FAA Application: Ronald J. 1B-04

Your Details
What is your Steam ID?: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198223470580/
What is your Teamspeak 3 name?: Ronald J. 1B-04
What is your in-game name?: Ronald J. 1B-04

About You
How long have you been part of Mayfair Gaming Network?: Over a year

What rank do you currently hold in our staff team?: None, I
What rank do you currently hold in Mayfair County Sheriffs Department?: Master Deputy

Your Application
Why are you applying for an FAA License?:Im applying for Faa because I think it work make interesting scenes and rp situations or Civs and The emergency Services I know how you fly and its honestly not hard.
How do you plan to use your FAA License?: I plan on being A Private airliner for people that want to show off there money and take plane trips around san andreas, I could use it for drug imports for a scene for cops, But I mainly wanna become and air unit for sheriff's office because if people cant keep up in a pursuit they can call air 1 and I could keep eyes on the vehicle and call out 20's.
Do you have any real-life flight experience?: Simply No im not manly for that

Do you agree to follow instructions from all Administrators?: Yes
Do you agree to follow all server rules?: Yes
Have you read all the FAA Rules, Regulations and Policies?: Yes
Your FAA application has been accepted a certified FAA trainer will be in touch with you shortly. From:Titan
Titan Big Grin

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