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Cadet Application: Agent Vape but im going to chanche it tyoo cape
Your Details
What is your Steam ID?: STEAM_0:0:182018529
What is your Teamspeak 3 name?: Agent Cape D-56
What is your in-game name?: Agent Vape but im going to chanche it tyoo cape

What age group best describes you?: 13 or Older

Your Experience
How long have you been part of Mayfair Gaming Network?: A few hours
Why do you want to be part of Mayfair County Sheriffs Department?:  good cop and help the sheriff team
What rank do you want to reach in Mayfair County Sheriffs Department?: Master Deputy

Do you agree to follow all server rules?: Yes
Do you agree to follow instructions from all Administrators?: Yes
Congratulations! You have surpassed stage 1 of our recruitment program!
Your future in law enforcement starts here.

Now for Stage 2
Connect to our TeamSpeak - ts.mayfairgaming.net and contact a Corporal. They will supply you with the necessary ranks, and also provide with a callsign. For example, [S-987] Steven Chips. After you have these you may attend training. Training can happen anytime of day and any day of the week. So, stick around for the training sessions

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