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TS Name: Adam Rossly

Discord Name: SteelDisableDev#4555 
FiveM Name: Adam Rossly 

Why did you apply for FIRE/EMS: i can Help People in need and Have a Better Roleplay experience And i dont See Alot of FIRE/EMS online And i what to help people in need And officers Help Everyone basically.

What do you think the purpose of Fire and EMS: be quick at the response time And help everyone i need of assistance.

What makes you different from every other Applicant: I play everyday For at least 5 hours a day and i will Try and help Everyone in need of Assistance I will Try and be the Best i can Be.

How Long have you been on the server: 1 month

Do you have any previous experience If so when and were: Yeah Whan i roleplay as a Officer I help People / Officer who need on scene.

How old are you: i am 16 year old

In total Explain what you just applied for and why your applied for it:

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