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Mayfair County Roleplay
The following Terms of Service relate specifically to the Mayfair Gaming Network FiveM service, Mayfair County Roleplay. Throughout your time on this platform you must fully comply with our Terms of Service or be subject to the decision of our Administration team.

All data and information held by Mayfair Gaming Network within this platform is kept in line with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Any user roleplaying as...
- LEO/EMS/Fire must be in the ‘radio traffic only’ (RTO) channel for their respective server at all times.
- LEO/EMS/Fire must display their full and correct callsign for their respective division and badge number (e.g. 1H-123).
- LEO/EMS/Fire must follow basic radio traffic protocol within the RTO channel.
- Civilian and holding any LEO/EMS/Fire rank must go on duty if the RTO channel drops below six (6).
- Must recognise the laws within the server are based on South Carolina.[/color]

Users are not permitted to...
- Enact any scenario which is deemed unrealistic or disruptive.
- Troll, cop bait, random deathmatch (RDM) or conduct false arrests.
- Conduct themselves in any way other than a serious and realistic manner at all times.

Users are not permitted to...
- Use supercars at any time, this includes circumventing any whitelisting script in place to prevent this activity.
- Use custom horns or any level of turbo, engine, transmission, brake, armor or suspension modification.
- Use speed boost or torque boost under any circumstances.
- Maximum vehicle speed is capped at 150mph, users are not permitted to exceed this.

- Advertising or soliciting any form of goods, service, server or company is not permitted under any circumstances.

Users are not permitted to...
- Kidnap LEO/EMS/Fire personnel at any time.
- Roleplay as military, security, militia, bodyguard, bouncers, bounty hunters or other law enforcement agencies.
- Roleplay as mafia, gang, hitman, assassin or any other scenario which involves excessive or unfair death.
- Use fully-automatic firearms at any time.
- Disregard or ‘10-22’ any roleplay scenario - when in doubt roleplay it out.
- Disregard priority cooldown, peacetime or administration announcements in respect to their roleplay scenarios.

Users are not permitted to...
- Fly planes, helicopters or any other form of aircraft without the relevant Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) certification.
- Fly planes, helicopters or any other form of aircraft whilst permission has been withdrawn or airspace restrictions are in place by the FAA.

Users are not permitted to…
- Question the decision of any tagged administrator. - An admins decision is final.
- Undermine or manipulate any administrator.

SLED operatives are not permitted to…
- Conduct any form of corrupt activity or any other scenario that directly undermines any other stated rule.
- Overrule or disregard any order, instruction or decision made or given by a divisional leader or any LEO holding a higher rank than themselves.
- Act as a supervisor at any time. Operatives have the power attached to their regular sheriff rank and no more.
- Wear any uniform other than the black SLED operative uniform (Black Ops Soldier), unless they are a SLED Team Leader.
- Recruit, detain, stop or interfere with sheriff department officers unless ordered by a SLED Director.
- Operate whilst outside of the regular radio traffic channel.
- Wear FBI marked vehicles or uniforms.
Connor (Osas)

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