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Minecraft Server Rules
Amended Mayfair Gaming Community Rules (amended for Minecraft)
1. No racism, homophobia or sexism in any form (Including but not limited to: verbal, avatar, jokes).
2. No disrespecting, using abrasive or vulgar language, arguing or otherwise inciting (causing) violence with community members or administration.
3. Do not ask any community members for personal information. (This includes age)
4. You must be over the age of 13 to join Mayfair Gaming
5. Disruptive communication in any channel is forbidden. (Including but not limited to: Mic spamming, ear rape, soundboards, etc.)
6. Reports, concerns, and comments are to be emailed confidentially, to support@mayfairgaming.net.
7. Common sense applies to all Mayfair Gaming Network services.
8. No recording, constructing or modifying voice clips to create soundboards. (This includes no recording a member without permission)
9. Do not use soundboards in public or RTO channels.
10. Do not ask for signatures, recommendations or viewing of any pending applications. (This can lead to an application deny, strike, or suspension)
11. Impersonation of Administration is not allowed. Doing so will result in a ban.
12. Please be mindful of community members. Treat all members with respect at all times no matter their age.
13. Age is not to be included in RP.
14. Failure to abide by any of these rules may result in demotion, strike, suspension, kick, or ban.

Minecraft Server Rules
1.  Abide by all of the Amended Mayfair Gaming Network rules while playing on our Minecraft Server
2. No Griefing, raiding, hacking or cheating
  • a. Griefing is when you alter someone elses land without their permission
  • b. raiding is stealing chests and/or builds that are not yours, you cannot lay claim to someone elses' things. You must keep 200 blocks between your base and a neighboring base.
  • c. Do not use mods that give you an unfair advantage over other players. See Rule 4 for specifics.
  • d. do not use alt accounts to gain unfair advantage.
3. No Advertising
  • Do not try to poach players or staff
  • Do not advertise the IP or name of another server
4. Client Mods
  • Allowed Mods: Optifine, Mini-maps
  • Not Allowed: X-Ray, Fly, Speed, Kill Aura, Schematica
  • If you have a mod not listed here, please contact a member of staff for approval.
5. Mob Farms
  • Iron Phoenixes and Iron Titans are not allowed
  • Farms CANNOT have constant updates to water, light or pistons.
6. AFK-ing 
  • Is allowed, using afk fish farms and hoppers is not allowed.
  • Entity Count per chunk is 30 MAX.
  • Entities are:
  • mobs, item frames, banners, paintings, boats. carts and armor stands
  • SHOP PLOTS: 35 MAX Item Frames per plot.
7. Entity Limitations
  • Total Entities per loaded area: 2000
  • This includes signs, banners, chests, furnaces, brewing stands, hoppers, droppers, beacons, heads.
  • Hoppers: 50 per chunk MAX 1,500 hoppers MAX per player or base. (if 3 people share a base, they should only have 1,500 hoppers withing that base)
8. Redstone Machining
  • If a machine is deemed excessively laggy it will be asked to be removed or re-designed. 
  • If a staff member approaches you, you must comply.
  • No constant updates to water and light.

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